Reading Text – Daniel 3

God gave a pagan king a dream that expanded 700 years.  In Daniel 2, we read the dream Daniel interpreted for Nebuchadnezzar, which described various kingdoms over this period.  After Daniel was promoted, the king had an image built that was a self-portrait of himself.  He then told all the people in the land that when they heard the music, they were to bow down and worship the golden image in the plains of Babylon.  But what the king didn’t remember from his dream and its interpretation was – that there is one true God, and anyone who doesn’t worship Him will suffer consequences. 

The Chaldeans did not like the Jews and devised a plot to indict them.  They accused Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-Nego of going against the king’s edict and presented their case, saying, “O king, they have not paid due regard to you.  They do not serve your gods or worship the gold image you have set up”.   

This is what the devil is doing to you – he is accusing you, because his name is the accuser of the brethren.  He is jealous of your position in the family of God, as a joint heir with Jesus.  He is constantly telling you that God will not come through for you. 

It was time for the Jewish captives to ‘face the music’ of not bowing at the music.  In rage and fury, Nebuchadnezzar commanded to have the captives brought before him – giving them another chance to bow down and worship.  If they chose not to, they would be thrown into the furnace.  But they knew their God could deliver them from any plan the king could throw their way.  

But they knew their God could deliver them from any plan the king could throw their way.   

When we read the passage in Daniel 3 – we see they respected the king’s authority but could not deny their faith in the God of all Gods.  Even when asked to do something contrary to our faith, we are still commanded to honor authority while denying doing something against what we believe.  You may have had to face this situation.  Pray for the confidence and courage of the Jewish captives, so you can see God’s hand of protection regardless of the fire you are in.  The captives weren’t sure how it would work out, but they believed God that it would.  The king was so furious that he increased the fire to seven times hotter.  Sometimes it looks like it can’t get any worse – but the devil is relentless.  God is greater, and we must keep our eyes on Him when the heat of adversity gets hotter. 

When they were thrown into the furnace by mighty men of valor, they were bound and fully clothed.  Sometimes it looks like the forces against you are mighty.  But if you are clothed with the armor of Christ, you will be protected.  Before the captives are rescued, the mighty men of valor are killed.  The enemy always overplays his hand; if we trust God, we will be delivered.  The men could have allowed fear to overtake them when they saw the fate of the mighty men.  Don’t let what you see determine your level of faith in God.  When the king looked in, he went from fury to astonishment, seeing a fourth man in the fire, looking like the son of God, and all of the men were loose and walking in the fire.  You can walk through the fire with Jesus by your side. 

Once the men walked out of the fire, they were a demonstration to all who saw it because there was no smell of fire on them.  Once you make it out of the fire, there will be no residue, and you will confound those who watched you walk through it, and they will begin to recognize the supremacy of God.

Ask God to give you the faith to walk through the fire and stand strong, knowing He can and will deliver you.  It may not look like you think – but His ways are higher than ours.

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  1. Great word to stand and believe God for protection despite the pressures and problems. Thank you, Pastor Terry

  2. And each time we do, our faith is made stronger as well! Thank you Pastor Terry, I so love how you can explain Kingdom principles.

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