We should be the most thankful, grateful people on the face of the earth. When we realize what Jesus has done for us, we should be thankful not just because it is Thanksgiving, but every single day of our lives.

In 1 Chronicles 16:8, David writes, “Oh, give thanks to the Lord! Call upon his name; make known His deeds among the peoples.” This is the first time David uses this phrase in the bible. The word used here is the Hebrew word “Yadah” is worshipful, expressive, praise – extending the hands. It is more than just saying Thanks, it is experiencing thankfulness.

Then in the Psalms, we see David use the phrase over and over to write about God’s mercy or lovingkindness which endures forever. Lovingkindness is one of the most important sentiments to the Jewish people. It is used to describe the character of God. In fact, the word is used over 100 times in the Old Testament. His lovingkindness never changes because He is the same – yesterday, today and forever.

In just 26 verses of Psalms 136, we see David declare some of the things he is thankful to God for. He uses “For His Mercy Endures Forever” (NKJV) in each verse. The NASB translation says, “His lovingkindness is everlasting”. Look at each of these statements that declares God’s faithfulness.

God is Good

He is the God of Gods He is the Lord of Lords

He alone does great wonders

Made the heavens with His skill

Spread out the earth above the waters He made the great lights, the sun to rule by day, the moon and stars to rule by night

He struck the Egyptians in their first born and brought Israel out from their midst, with His strong hand and outstretched arm He divided the Red Sea in two and made Israel to pass through the midst

Overthrew Pharoah and his army in the Red Sea Led His people through the wilderness

Struck down Great Kings

Slew famous kings – Sihon, Og,

And gave their land as a heritage to Israel

Remembered our low estate He rescued us from our enemies

Gives food to all flesh

Oh! give thanks to God of Heaven, for His lovingkindness is everlasting.

When we know Who God Is, it should frame our view of the world and should be our lens of how we see the world. Everything that happens may not be good, but God is good and He is love. 

My prayer for you this Thanksgiving Season is that you get a greater revelation of who God is and His everlasting Mercy toward you which endures forever.

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